Friday Fun

by Adam Reger

Looking through some old files, I came upon a quite forgotten, quite weird document that I wrote some time near the end of my first year of graduate school. It’s an appendix to the novel I was working on then. More specifically, it is a four-page script for a scene in an adult film. (All the caveats you would associate with such a document apply here—mature subject matter, adult language, sexual situations, clumsy dialogue, unnatural transitions from everyday life to sexual situations, bad double entendres, etc.)

Here is the file, if you’d like to read it. Below the fold I’ve put in the background which will give you context—not that you exactly need it—for where and how this fit in and why I was writing it in the first place.

The novel, which is long since abandoned, is a child’s memory of a few crazy months during which his father started a semi-professional wrestling league. It’s a “rise and fall” story, both for the Cable Access Wrestling Federation (CAWF) and for the boy’s family. Seduced by the comparative glamor of running the show, the father is unable to return to a quiet family life once the CAWF folds, and transitions (via a clumsily handled coincidence wherein a neighbor who serves as CAWF cameraman turns out to have all his fancy cameras and editing equipment because he shoots porn films on the side) to a new life as a porn entrepreneur. This is all sort of “off the screen” of the novel, happening later—recounted in that annoyingly wistful tone reserved for adult narrators looking back, with tender regret, on the events of their childhoods—and as a point of interest, the author throws in a script of one of his father’s pornographic efforts, just so the reader can get a taste for the kind of stuff his father produced.

Really, though, I wrote this script and included the appendix because it was a lot of fun. I still think so, and I hope you enjoy it.