I offer a range of writing services, from feature articles to web and promotional copy. Please see the list below for an indication of what I’ve done in the past. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Just ask! Contact me at

Cover story for recent issue of Inside CGS, written for the University of Pittsburgh’s Marketing Communications department.

Case studies for the Remake Learning Playbook, an ambitious Sprout Fund–orchestrated project aimed at sharing the successful strategies and approaches from Pittsburgh’s educational community with administrators and educators nationwide.

-Blog posts for the Winchester Thurston school’s City as Our Campus blog: students’ oral-history project in Pittsburgh’s historic Hill District neighborhood; and a roundtable event on immigration, held at the school.

-Multi-page web copy, brochure, sales letter, and prospectus.

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Project report on a public-health initiative carried out by a large health provider.

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Feature story for the University of Pittsburgh’s Alumni Connections newsletter on (then-new) football head coach Todd Graham.

-Four profiles for the Pittsburgh Kids+Creativity Network, an initiative of local nonprofit The Sprout Fund. See profiles hereherehere, and here.

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-Multi-page web copy for North American Editorial Services.

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“Frequently Asked Questions” page for American Economic Review website.

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-Feature story, “Google glass and greenhouses,” for Kidsburgh.

-Press releases for the University of Pittsburgh’s Office of Public Affairs, concerning a variety of subject areas and issues, including education, public policy and local governance, international diplomacybusiness, and law, among others.

-A number of articles for the Pitt Chronicle, a University of Pittsburgh campus newspaper, on a number of topics.

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-A number of articles for Pitt Magazine, the University of Pittsburgh’s alumni magazine.

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Below is a selection of some favorites:

“Two Lives, Many Gifts.” Pitt Magazine. PDF.

“Chaje!” Pitt Magazine. PDF.

“Mind Reading.” Pitt Magazine. PDF.

“Common-Sense Philosophy.” Pitt Magazine. PDF.

“Super Saver.” Pitt Magazine. PDF.

“The Pitch.” Pitt Magazine. PDF.

“Sword Play.” Pitt Magazine, Summer 2009. PDF.

“Songs of Zzzz” and “Creative Steps.” Pitt Magazine. PDF.

“Puzzled.” Pitt Magazine. PDF.

“Ghost Walk.” Pitt Magazine. PDF.

“Holi Color.” Pitt Magazine, Summer 2009. PDF.

“Move Groove.” Pitt Magazine, Summer 2009. PDF.

“Red, White, and New.” Pitt Magazine, Fall 2009. Online here.

“Smart MOVES.” Pitt Magazine, Fall 2009. Online here.