Published Stories:

“Montreal.” 2007. Red Mountain Review 3.

“The Jumble Puzzle.” 2008. The New Orleans Review, 33:1.

“Word Problems.” 2008. Juked (online).

“The Encyclopedia of Rotten Things.” 2009. Pear Noir! 3.

“Bedroom Tapes.” 2010. White Whale Review (online) and featured on Fiction Daily.

“Root Canal.” 2011. Prick of the Spindle, 5.1.

“Elegy for Lost Ambitions.” 2011. Twelve Stories, 3.

“Small-Town Man Troubled by Persistent Dream.” 2011. Used Furniture Review.

“Church of the Here and Now.” 2011. Used Furniture Review.

“Woman in the Woods.” 2012. Fourth River.

“Santo vs. Crushing Grief.” 2012. Northville Review.

“Ghost Dog.” 2012. Floodwall.

“The Future Picnic.” 2012. Pocket Lint. (Reprint of a story published in Pocket Lint in 2000.)

“The Night the Washington Generals Beat the Harlem Globetrotters.” 2012. cream city review.

“Polish Polka Band.” 2013. Halfway Down the Stairs.

“Commonplaces.” 2013. Pithead Chapel.

“Mr. Critic.” 2015. Ekphrastic: Writing and Art on Art and Writing(Reprinted at Great Jones Street.)

“One Man in Three Parts.” 2015. After Happy Hour Review.

“Cruelty.” 2016. Euphony.

“Klamath Falls.” 2016. Printers Row (publication of the Chicago Tribune)

“Spoiler Alert.” 2016. Tiny Text.

“Comeback Trail.” 2016. Great Jones Street.

“The Pedestal of the World.” 2018. The MacGuffin.

“Awful Magic.” 2018. Storyscape Literary Journal.