by Adam Reger

Popping in to this blog just to say I’ve updated the fiction section of my website. Recently I met someone who was interested in reading some of my work and before sending him the link to this website, I looked over that section, trying to think of what to recommend first, and discovered that a horrifying number of the publications that have posted and/or printed my work over the years are no longer operating. I’m sad for the editors of those publications, many of which I quite enjoyed.

For any writers reading this, let this be a reminder to keep copies of your work. I’m old enough to remember debating whether online journals were “worth” as much as print journals; i.e., if it was as impressive to list a publication in an online lit mag on your C.V. It’s one of those debates that’s been rendered pretty much moot by the march of technology—while we were debating this over beers after workshop, online publishing just became the norm. Sometimes when things become the new normal, you’re a little less circumspect about possible downsides (kind of the way you just agree to those lengthy terms & agreements forms, because what are you going to do, not access this app/website/whatever?).

Anyway, I’ve cleaned up that section, which now contains significantly fewer links.

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