About Adam Reger


Freelance Writer

I’m a freelance writer living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, offering my services as a copywriter and ghostwriter.

As a copywriter, I tell compelling stories and put a human face on the organizations and initiatives I cover. Much of the work I do could be classified as content marketing: offering readers substantive, valuable information rather than trying to sell something.

As a ghostwriter, I pride myself on producing work that matches the vision of the book (or article, or blog post) my clients have in their heads. That means asking the right questions, working with the client to ensure accuracy, and doing what it takes to get the right voice, tone, and “feel.”

I am a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh’s MFA in fiction writing and have been dedicated to writing in one form or another since middle school. Fiction remains a daily part of my life.

Get in touch to discuss how my experience and creativity can benefit your project.

Contact: adamjohnreger@gmail.com