And yet . . .

by Adam Reger

. . . I feel I should introduce myself. So, briefly: I’m a writer living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I came out here to go to graduate school in creative writing at the University of Pittsburgh. After earning my MFA, I decided to stick around. Pittsburgh, to me, is fascinating, something I’m sure I’ll touch on in the weeks and months to come. It’s also gloriously cheap, which is a boon to creative types.

When I say I’m a writer I am, of course, describing my avocation. A significant goal of mine—and a big reason for my starting this site—is to make writing my vocation. Or at least a larger chunk of how I earn my living. To that end, I’ve been writing occasional non-fiction pieces for the University of Pittsburgh’s Pitt Magazine, the alumni publication. That’s been great fun, and a nice re-introduction to journalistic writing, which I thought I’d put aside some time in college. For the last year I’ve also been ghostwriting a novel. There’s a lot I can’t and shouldn’t say about that job, but it’s been a great experience and has, no kidding, taught me lots about writing fiction, the marketplace, and the fuzzy line between supposed “high art” and “commercial” fiction.