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On Under the Dome; or, 1000+ words on literary versus genre fiction

I’m using that previous post to segue to a brief snapshot of where I am right now as a writer, by way of a long rumination on different modes of fiction.

About a week ago, I was at a party thrown by a Pitt creative writing professor. Invitations went out far and wide, and a lot of old students turned out. I ended up in a completely fascinating conversation with a guy who went through the program in the early nineties. For a few years during grad school and afterwards, he wrote under the pen name Franklin W. Dixon. If the name means anything to you, you may be freaking out now, as I was: Franklin W. Dixon is the author of the Hardy Boys series of novels.

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And yet . . .

. . . I feel I should introduce myself. So, briefly: I’m a writer living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I came out here to go to graduate school in creative writing at the University of Pittsburgh. After earning my MFA, I decided to stick around. Pittsburgh, to me, is fascinating, something I’m sure I’ll touch on in the weeks and months to come. It’s also gloriously cheap, which is a boon to creative types.

When I say I’m a writer I am, of course, describing my avocation. A significant goal of mine—and a big reason for my starting this site—is to make writing my vocation. Or at least a larger chunk of how I earn my living. To that end, I’ve been writing occasional non-fiction pieces for the University of Pittsburgh’s Pitt Magazine, the alumni publication. That’s been great fun, and a nice re-introduction to journalistic writing, which I thought I’d put aside some time in college. For the last year I’ve also been ghostwriting a novel. There’s a lot I can’t and shouldn’t say about that job, but it’s been a great experience and has, no kidding, taught me lots about writing fiction, the marketplace, and the fuzzy line between supposed “high art” and “commercial” fiction.

In medias res

I’ve blogged before and have always found overpowering the instinct to begin each new blog with a trumpet fanfare announcing the blog’s purpose and reason for being. I feel the same instinct now, but am going to resist for the reason that by the time anyone begins reading this blog, this inaugural post will be buried beneath a long column of posts.

Also, because that “Hello, World!” entry was starting to mock my slowness to put up a legit first post.