Some Updates

by Adam Reger

Although no one would guess it from checking this website, I’ve been busy in 2018.

I’ve just made some updates to the Copywriting page, adding recent (and some not-so-recent) clips of things I’ve been working on. One that really deserves special attention is this small book, “If Kids Built a City,” produced for the Grable Foundation. It’s beautiful:

Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 3.42.56 PM

A small thrill earlier in the summer was to learn that I was a co-finalist, with the writer and editor (and great guy) Ervin Dyer, for a Golden Quill award for a Pitt Magazine story that I contributed to. We didn’t win, but that was a first for me in my professional writing career—and the story, “Higher Ground,” is well worth your time.

Finally, one of my favorite recent stories was picked up by The MacGuffina terrific literary magazine connected to Schoolcraft College. The story is called “The Pedestal of the World” and came out of a half-remembered remark by one of my favorite undergraduate teachers, Oli Watt, about the Italian artist and trickster Piero Manzoni. Oli described Manzoni’s piece, “The Base of the World,” and said that if he ever thought of something like that, he’d quit art forever, something that stuck with me for, I guess, more than 15 years. The story’s print only but if you have a chance to pick up this issue of The MacGuffin you’ll find a ton of other great stuff by some fantastic writers in it.