New fiction alert

by Adam Reger

I have a short story up at the online literary magazine Halfway Down the Stairs, in its “Beauty” issue.

The story, “Polish Polka Band,” is one of the first I wrote after finishing graduate school, and it’s one of my favorites.

Also of note, this was probably the easiest time I’ve had of the process between acceptance and publication. Usually there’s a bit of a wait, during which there may or may not be edits to sort through, and an author bio is requested. It’s not arduous work by any means, but whenever I’m lucky enough to have a story accepted I anticipate it. With Halfway Down the Stairs, however, there was none of that. The story was accepted around May 26 or so; I wrote back saying, “Great! Thank you!”; the issue went live on June 1, with my story in it; my author bio was extracted neatly from the meaty second paragraph of my cover letter. Easy!