Free Box, Installment #3: More Free Ideas

by Adam Reger

Here’s another installment of Free Box, explained here and then continued here.

Free ideas:

-Adultery drama where woman ostensibly being cheated on is actually in league with her husband—as spies for a terrorist network, destabilizing diplomatic circle by carrying on multiple affairs, affecting trust in this tiny, close-knit community.

-A man’s allergies are key to unlocking the meaning/secret of life. Or, to finding some hidden treasure. [What? I don’t know either.]

-Professional wrestler is injured in big pay-per-view match, paralyzed. He has to struggle with his newfound limitations while providing for his family and negotiating tricky relationship with the league, which is keeping him on the hook by paying him to be part of its storylines. Discrepancy between his anger and public displays.

-Group does hauntings for a fee: they’ll fake ghosts, allowing their clients to suggest a meaning for the haunting: e.g., “She must be upset about your will giving me so little,” etc. Complication when a real ghost shows up.

-Man has power to teleport himself by going to sleep and visualizing moving across space in his dreams. Sought after by government agents, others, develops new, even more powerful abilities.

-Banshee fitting in to real world, called upon to act as a hero.

Yikes. Not the best ideas I’ve ever had. I haven’t mentioned before that for a while I was challenging myself to write a page’s worth of ideas every day, and that’s what these first few batches of ideas are. So, some are better than others.