[Sigh] Time for Another Beloit College Mindset List

by Adam Reger

Here is the Associated Press’s story about it. Here is the list itself. My previous doleful sigh here.

I expended most of my chagrin and regret in that earlier post. Regarding this year’s list I’ll just say that doing the list bought Old Beloit its first mention in the fourth paragraph of the article, and in the eighth paragraph the school sees itself described as “the private school in southeastern Wisconsin.” Is it worth it, Beloit? Is it worth it? This is the 15th year for the Mindset List, so evidently yes, it is.

The article at least registers some dissent, as an incoming student bristles at the suggestion that he and his peers think The Twilight Zone is about vampires. (I hate this list.) Some entries, I will admit, are clever and, indeed, dramatize what a different world this year’s first-years have grown up in: “43. They were too young to enjoy the 1994 World Series, but then no one else got to enjoy it either”; “73. Lou Gehrig’s record for most consecutive baseball games played has never stood in their lifetimes.” But lots more are overstuffed and trying too hard: “5. If they miss The Daily Show, they can always get their news on YouTube” (I believe this qualifies as an enthymeme, as the middle term (“These students get their news from The Daily Show“) of the syllogism is left unstated. Nice touch, Professor McBride!); “69. Pulp Fiction’s meal of a ‘Royale with Cheese’ and an ‘Amos and Andy milkshake’ has little or no resonance with them.”

At this point, I am just tilting at windmills. This thing obviously does its job as far as getting the college on the map, so good for them. But man does it continue to be pretty dumb.