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Free Box #4: “The Saga of Gallagher, Book the First, Verses 1-56”

Nothing I can say about this one will adequately prepare you for what a weird piece of writing this is.

. . . Except maybe the fact that I wrote it for a poetry slam at Sarah Lawrence College in the spring of 1999, and “performed” it by putting the pages inside the biggest, oldest-looking book I could find in the library, and read to the (pretty large) audience as if reading from some ancient tome.

And also that, yes, it is about that Gallagher, the watermelon-smashing comedian. (Here is a phenomenal review of an ill-advised Spanish language show Gallagher put on some time ago.)

Anyway, besideĀ that, there’s nothing I can really say. Here’s the poem:



Free Box, Installment #2: Novel Appendix

Part of what I want to use this feature, Free Box, for is to post old stuff that’s moldering in my filing cabinets and on various disks and computer drives, that will never be published and would be more fun to share now than when someone is going through my papers after my death. (Free Box #1, with an explanation, is here.)

To that end, here’s a blog entry that I posted about two years ago. Here’s the piece of writing I’m putting in the free box (with a warning that there is some strong language and content in this piece). The blog entry gives fuller context, although I’m not sure anything could properly explain where this came from, in the sense of what I was thinking at the time.