I offer professional ghostwriting services. I’ll write the desired text—an article, a memoir, a novel, a self-help book, or whatever project you have in mind—and it will go out under your  name.

I recently helped a client realize her vision for a children’s book. I have also completed a client’s novel, which is now being sent to literary agents and publishers. I am currently at work on a history of a national organization.

I am an extremely flexible writer, able to write in a range of styles, tones, and voices. Working with clients to get each page just right, hearing more about each person’s story and hopes for the project, are what I most enjoy about ghostwriting. Providing each client with a manuscript that meets or exceeds expectations is my primary goal.

My strengths as a writer lie in crafting a compelling story and producing prose that people will want to read. Although my background is in fiction writing, I believe these skills apply just as much, if not more, to non-fiction writing as they do to novels and short stories. Good writing is good writing, and a book that tells a good story is one that will work for you, no matter your reasons for wanting to be a published author.

I’d be more than happy to discuss your project, and to give you a free estimate of the cost of my services. (Unfortunately I cannot work for royalties, but follow the common standard of charging upfront for writing services and leaving the book’s profits to you, the author.) Write to me today at adamjohnreger [at] gmail [dot] com, or use the form below to get in touch.