Fun Stuff

U.S. Navy Pirate Combat Skills. 2011. Lyons Press. Edited sections of various public-domain military manuals to create a humorous guide for sailors fighting against old-timey pirates (e.g., Blackbeard, Captain Kidd, etc.). Also wrote figure descriptions to be followed by the illustrator and wrote several chapters of prefatory and connecting text, including a pirate-fighter creed and shipboard song used to boost morale before doing battle with salty sea dogs on the high seas.

Case studies on digital badging, makerspaces, and robotics in education for a Sprout Fund–initiated project, the Remake Learning playbook.

-Punchy, fun brochure copy for a fledgling bakery.

-An educational technology–centered piece for Kidsburgh on unique and innovative classrooms in and around Pittsburgh.

-A couple playful fiction pieces: “Word Problems” and “Santo versus Crushing Grief” (an “alphabet piece” comprising 26 sentences, each beginning with a letter of the alphabet). A full list of fiction publications is here.