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Month: August, 2013

Free Box: A song, a genre, perhaps an entire way of life

Just wrote this down on a Post-It. I don’t know what it is, but anyone who wants it is welcome to it:

Office jazz.

Have a great day!


This just in . . .


A Pittsburgh List That’s Actually Pretty Good

It’s great that Pittsburgh has been getting noticed nationally as a good place to live, and even a cool place to visit. But man, some of the appreciations out there have been kind of lame. Take as an example this Buzzfeed piece, “16 Reasons Why Pittsburgh Is the Greatest City on the Planet.” Sounds cool, but if you dig into it you’ll find that whoever compiled it likely spent an hour Googling things to do and see in Pittsburgh (and even then, the search isn’t current: Number 10: “And the Pirates . . . Well, they have a cool logo!” What?! The Pirates have owned or shared first place since the end of July! Get current, dude.) It name checks Primanti Brothers, the bridges of Pittsburgh, and the Cathedral of Learning (twice). This person evidently hasn’t even heard of the incline.

But a great list, “30 Reasons You Need to Move to Pittsburgh,” has appeared on Movoto, and I must tip my cap to its author, Molly Kirwan. It ranges from solid stuff outsiders wouldn’t necessarily know about (like the Carnegie Museums) to neighborhood-specific things not even every Pittsburgher knows about (like the Unblurred gallery crawl, the Allegheny Cemetery, Banjo Night, the patio at Pusadee’s Garden, and others) to more abstract things that Pittsburgh does well: dancing, drive-ins, estate sales, and thrifting.

So, check it out if you are addicted to “list-icles” (even if, like me, you always click against your better judgment). If you are interested in Pittsburgh boosterism, this one is well worth your time.