Sentences from News Story on Boston Marathon Bombing Suspects Rendered as Prose Poetry

by Adam Reger

From several of the more prosaic sentences in this Wall Street Journal piece about the two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing, I’ve constructed what’s either a prose poem or a piece of flash fiction. Here it is:

“A Look at the Brothers”

By Alison Fox, Sara Germano, Siobhan Gorman, Evan Perez, and Adam Reger

On the table in front of the two young men is a chicken dinner, ranch dressing and a jug of orange juice in a room that resembles a dorm kitchen.

Others started sending him “photographic gifts” on the site that included police cars, sticks of dynamite and, in one case, a brick.

The date of the photos wasn’t clear.

Attempts to reach the photographer were unsuccessful.

A second uncle also lives in the area.

There are quite a few auto-body shops.

Have a great weekend, everybody!