On “Inception”

by Adam Reger

I saw it yesterday and am still thinking it through. If I don’t love a movie immediately, or have very high expectations for it that are not met, I sometimes over-correct and say that the movie was bad or that I disliked it. I can admit that Inception wasn’t bad, and that on the whole I liked it. But it felt like something was missing, or like the overall set-up was overly intellectual and failed to communicate any real feeling.

This review, by Christopher Orr over at The Atlantic, comes pretty close to my own feelings on Inception. I certainly don’t care for Orr’s (mild) diss of The Prestige, though.

I now turn my sights to the technically virtuosic, exquisitely conceived and designed latest film from a director whose work I typically love that I’ve really been looking forward to this summer: Micmacs. I’d take Jean-Pierre Jeunet over Christopher Nolan any day.